Rails of war

rails of war

Rails of War suggests full-sized railways where you won't hit your head while riding an engine. Excellent models together with animations and hardcore math. So, it was a long while since the last post, and it's time to break the stagnation! Good news for lovers, the mod is passing final tests and a public version. Verlege mir " Rails of War " Gleisen und Schienensysteme, auf denen Lokomotiven und gepanzerte Züge fahren können. Features: Breite mm Spurweite. So, welcome back to the Rails of War site. Downloads Used Minecraft Forge: For the first task, make a model of this loco http: Also, not to make loco too narrow, make whhels smaller and risen the body upon them, like here: That would mean that us players can play with new features and find the bugs, while you focus on making this the best mod ever! Currently, no recipes are present. I like the wideness of the rails. rails of war Download Modinstaller Texturepacker Mods Minecraft 1. If you encounter a bug or an issue, take a look at our Bitbucket issue tracker. Rails of War Mod 1. And maybe, super-wide gauge Last edited by Naiten: Delete Undelete Mark as Spam Mark as Not Spam Merge. Deleting whole track piece by one click. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Hey guys, i've said, i DON'T need testers. Do you have a github we could dinosaurier spinosaurus to see status and if anyone could collaborate? There's also and official railsofwar. Things not to bother me with: Are the recipes still turned off in Survival? And maybe, super-wide gauge By downloading the mod you accept the license given. CurseForge Help Register Sign In. This Mod, is very nice First russian locomotive made by Cherepanov bros. Now, have fun and wait for further updates! It only be mirrored or reposted with crediting the source and authors. Last edited by Nougatschnittie: Currently only programming help with developing the core is acceptable. Can there be a development page on jenkins or something that gets updated every time a new commit is added on a github page if you make one. Now railcraft, traincraft and I can die happy. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack.

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